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My clients are successful professionals that seek me out to get this one area — their weight — nailed forever. They've tried by themselves in the past, often with temporary success, but they want the help of someone experienced to achieve lasting weight loss.

I provide them with a pathway to reach their goals, hold them accountable each week, make adjustments to maintain progress and help them build skills to maintain their weight independently in the future. 

This is one-to-one coaching in the trenches. We use fortnightly video calls, weekly emails and messages when needed, plus you get access to the membership website and facebook group. 

I'm currently working with men and women aged 37-74 from the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia. Pricing is US $197/month (cancel anytime) and exercise is not a requirement in the early phase.  In fact many clients don't add exercise until they have lost the first couple of months (this aspect is highly individual). 

Here's how it works.

  1. Watch the intro video above
  2. Click 'apply' and fill in your details
  3. I'll get back to you to schedule a call
  4. We have a 30 minute video chat
  5. If its a good fit . . .  we begin!!!

If you're serious about making a change, please apply.


A Few of Our Success Stories

Weekday Weight Loss

As part of your coaching package you'll also gain access to the unique Weekday Weight Loss membership website and facebook group.  This includes:

  • The unique Weekday Weight Loss protocol
  • The 7 Week Kicktstart Challenge
  • Filling food recipes and menus
  • Our private facebook group with over 100 videos


Colin in the UK (lost 35 lbs): Weekday Weight Loss has given me a simple script to follow each weekday to achieve my weight goals.  I'm two thirds of the way to my goal weight and I've got a clear path of how to get there. It's the simplicity that was key for me. And I'm faster up the hills on my bike!!

Liz in the UK (lost 56 lbs):  I've learnt so much. For the first time in my life food is not the enemy. Food is a tool that I am in control of and enjoying all the more. Lindsay is a pragmatist. The extensive research he has done, he enthusiastically shares, allowing me to fully understand the process. I no longer feel chastised, just encouraged. It's up to me and my body as to what works best. It's a learning curve and a liberation. I feel happier, stronger and have so much more energy. 

John in US (lost 34 lbs) - It's been a wild ride and I can't believe I've kept the weight off for over a year now. I had a goal weight of 195 lbs, but I recently hit 185!!  My progress has been more than I could ask for and I'm really thankful. I have accomplished something I NEVER thought I could accomplish. I'm 5 lbs below the weight I was when my wife and I got married in 2011, unreal. 

Ben in Australia (lost 34 lbs) - Lindsay helped me remove ‘willpower’ from the weight loss equation. For the last 15 years, I’ve relied on occasional periods of intense mental focus to eat less and exercise more to lose weight, only to have more weight return at a rate of knots after a few months. Completely unsustainable, and made harder to repeat the process. Weekday Weighty Loss teaches you a ‘skill’ which you never forget, making weight loss a sustainable practice to suit my personal environment... it still doesn’t mentally feel like anything has changed in my lifestyle.

Emily in the US (lost 20 lbs) - I knew from past efforts that it was going to be a slow process, and that I'd need help finding the right track and staying on it. Lindsay did a great job of helping my organise my weight loss around my life, and gave me plenty of freedom to stop and start again when I needed.  Weekday Weight Loss is by far the most sustainable thing I've tried and has given me the skills to keep on losing."

Mark in the US (lost 72 lbs) - When I first contacted Lindsay I was losing weight, but I was hurting a lot doing it. Lindsay provided me the tools and knowledge to make my weight loss more sustainable and  over time has guided me towards a lifestyle where my weight is steady and I can get on with living my life without having to worry about the constant fear of regaining weight.  I look forward to our fortnightly calls and am more focused on fitness now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the coaching cost?

Coaching is US $197/month.  I typically work with people for 6-9 months with the aim of making them independent and in control of their weight.  There is no lock in, you can cancel at any time.  I expect you to get to get great value. 

How does the coaching process work?

The process works in a sequence.  Ideally we shift the first 20 pounds by dialling in your nutrition, then we add movement (walking, cycling, swimming, running . . .) and finally we'll try to build a strength routine that is a good fit for you (this could be dumbbells, barbells, bodyweight, Pilates . . ).  

What do you get as part of the coaching?

The goal of the coaching is to help you find your best way to eat.  You get fortnightly video calls (30 minutes each), weekly emails and I send little whatsapp videos where needed.  We will use menus, PDFs, tracking apps or spreadsheets, whatever is the best fit.  Once we nail the food, we can start talking about exercise programming. On top of the individual access you also get weekly videos in the facebook group, plus the membership site.

Who is this program for?

It's designed for time poor people that have struggled to find a sustainable approach to weight loss in the past. At present our my clients are 34-74 year old women and men from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

How much weight will I lose?

The people who’ve done best to date have lost 5-15 lbs in the first month. This varies a lot depending on your starting weight, how active your lifestyle is and how aggressive we are. We can discuss this in your setup call.

Is this a low carb program?

No. We will do what works. The science is very clear that there is no metabolic advantage to either low carb or low fat diets. You will be encouraged to leave the fat/carb dogma behind and instead focus on eating more protein and more fibre, as these are the macronutrients with the best evidence base for lasting weight loss.  I personally lost 50 lbs eating oatmeal for breakfast, but have clients doing great on low carb as well.

Can I eat as much as I like on the weekend?

You can eat more on the weekend, but no, this isn’t a fad diet. Science shows us that people naturally eat more food on the weekend, so rather than fight this we simply embrace it and  focus on creating our deficit during the working week.  

Do I have to track my calories or macros?

A lot of clients do, but our main focus is developing a filling meal pattern. Tracking is really educational right at the start of a fat loss phase, or indeed if you plateau, but taken too far it can be bad for people’s relationship with food. So we focus on meal patterns, which are more positive.

Do I have to exercise?

No, not to begin with, but in the long run yes. Exercise is actually surprisingly ineffective for losing weight but it’s wonderful for health, mobility and keeping weight off.  My preference is for clients to take it easy to begin with but increase their activity as the weight comes off. 

Can I do my own workout plan?

Totally!!  I've got clients that swim, run, lift weights, do crossfit, triathlon, pilates, yoga, circuits, boxing . . .   I encourage everyone to find exercise they enjoy because sustainability is the key. For those who are interested I discuss walking, cardio and strength options.

Will it work for people who just want to tone up?

Coaching is primarily aimed at people who have at least 20 lbs (9kg) to lose.

Will I be allowed to eat pizza?

I eat pizza every Friday night with my kids. There are no food rules in the program, in fact part of the joy of eating enough filling food during the week is that it allows you to fit in a little indulgence at some point (whatever your poison is).  That's how we roll, we eat tonnes of healthy food and squeeze in a little junk when life requires it ;-)